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This machine is applicable for small crafts and stamp processing. It is an economical equipment, especially for minor enterprise.
Mini Desktop model, 500*300mm working area, up&down table, 40w/60w laser tube.
Desktop model, 24*16 Inch table size, 40w/50w/60w laser tube,honeycomb table+motorized Z axis lifting table.
50*30cm working area, 40w-60w laser tube, upper part and under part is separated, so you can put the upper part on your desktp to save space, the it will become to be a desktop model.
300*200mm(or 300*400mm, 400*600mm) working area, 800w spindle(300w, 1.5kw, 2.2kw optional ), can work with various wood, bakelite, panel openings, PCB board engraving, double-color plate signs, Jade crafts, copper and aluminum milling slot, such as steel lettering processing.
300*400mm working area, Desktop Mini Type
400*600mm working area, Desktop mini type
With 600*400mm working area, honeycomb table, can work with wood/mdf, acrylic, leather, paper, and etc.
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