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1300*900mm working area, it has high precision and fast speed, it is the ideal choice for many processing industries.
With 1400*900mm working area, adopts dual laser heads, with the standard honeycomb table, it is equal to two machines, which greatly improving the processing efficiency,especially for cutting of wood,acrylic,fabrics and flexible materials.
This laser cutter with automatic feeding system can meet the demand of large format cutting, suitable for shoes, fabric, cloth, leather, textile, cloth cutting, punching etc. The machine adopts strong lathe, it can assure the machine more stable and precision.
Two-way directional guides, high positioning accuracy, advanced DSP controller with operation handle.
The upper part and the under part of the machine are separated. The upper part can directly be put on large and thick marbles/stones/granites, etc. The machine is with double up-down worktables. The upper part and the under part can move up and down automatically, which are very convenient for thick material.
1200*1800mm working area, 2 controller for option, imported ball-screw drive....
With 1500*1200mm working area, can meet up demands of large area working. Adopts new high-efficiency laser tube, the laser beam is more stable than the traditional type,and the lifespan of the laser tube can be over 10000 hours.
Advertising series is designed for engraving and cutting most advertising materials with various application and reasonable price.high precision engraving meets the diverse needs in advertising industry.
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