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Auto-feeding system/ rotating work table enable the machine cut soft materials in rolls automatically, such as fabric, PU, leather and paper.
Solid steel frame constructure,High-frequency 4hp/6hp spindle,DSP remote Control user-friendly operator interface. Tool Calibration. High Speed 3-axis Motion Controller. Precision dual Y-axis micro stepping or servo drives
Equipped advanced Syntec controller, Italy 9kw spindle, CATC-T8 carrousel auto tool chang system.
1500*3000mm working area, Strongest T-slot machine body, Air-Cooling Spindle....
widely used for bending the materials like acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP. The machine bends the materials into different angles by heating up the materials with single or multi tube heaters.
With Top and Button Heaters, can bend thicker materials(Acrylic, PVC and etc) fastly.
Flame&Plasma dual-use Machine, can make both plasma and frame cutting. Max cutting thickness in carbon steel can reach 150mm by flame cutting. Equipped with autoignition and electromotion height-adjustment system., it is the most economical and lightest numerical cutter.
High-Power laser tube(180w or 300w), Auto-Focus Laser head, Advanced controlling system,can cut well both metal and non-metals
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