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Advertising series is designed for engraving and cutting most advertising materials with various application and reasonable price.high precision engraving meets the diverse needs in advertising industry.
4.5kw spindle motor, Six districts vacuum suction table, 5.5kw vacuum pump and dust collector, It is mainly applicable in the manufacture of furnitures ,wooden doors, and other wood works.
Stone CNC Router is at the service of customers who need to do engraving on stone. Overall structure is the most solide or large bearing capacity,With tool cooling system and water-and-dust proof on three axes. it is suitable for many kinds of stone carving.
Solid steel frame constructure,High-frequency 4hp/6hp spindle,DSP remote Control user-friendly operator interface. Tool Calibration. High Speed 3-axis Motion Controller. Precision dual Y-axis micro stepping or servo drives
Equipped advanced Syntec controller, Italy 9kw spindle, CATC-T8 carrousel auto tool chang system.
1500*3000mm working area, Strongest T-slot machine body, Air-Cooling Spindle....
1300*2500mm working area, multi-heads,can process stones at the same time,also can process alone !!
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