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CNC Router
  Working Area: 1300*2500mm
  Spindle Power: 3.0kw


1). Imported linear guiding system, with strong carrying capacity, stable running, high precision,and long life.
2). Z-axis adopt imported ballscrew, equip with standard lubricating oil system, which ensure the machine last longer.
3). Selecting high-power water-cooled motor and high-performance frequency converter, make machine with good performance, big torque, high efficiency.

4). Rocks and gear transmission with high speed motors keeps smooth movement in fast and accuracy.

5). Breakpoint restoring function enable the machine continue to work after the sudden stop, such as accident, tool breaking.
6). Software with best compacity, compatible with Type3/Artcam/CAXA/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Artgrave,etc.

Model FX1325
Working area (X*Y*Z,mm) 1300*2500*150
Machine structure steel structure lathe bed and T-slot of sectional material
Working holding By clamps
Overall dimension 3100*1810*1750/3100*2060*1850
Precision(mm) 0.07
Position accuracy(mm) 0.02
Repeatability(mm) 0.02
Lding speed (mm/min) 15,000
Working speed(mm/min) 10,000
Spindle 3.0kw,water-cooling(0-24000rpm)
Available tools(mm) φ3.175~φ12.7
Drive system Stepper motors
Working voltage AC220V±30V,50HZ
Command code G Code(*.nc,*.mmg,*.u00,etc),*.eng
Control system NcStudio/DSP Hand-held
Furniture decoration industry: A large area flat plate engraving, wood, panel furniture carving, wood art mural. Wood cabinet doors carving.
Wood products processing: Sewing machine table, electrical counter table, sports equipment. Artwork: Photo frame, jewelry box.
Musical instrument industry: Instrument three-dimensional surface engraving, shape cutting and etc.

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